High gas prices = boom in gas thieves

I always do my best to try and keep you a step ahead of the crooks. I haven’t mentioned this before because quite frankly it was rare. But with the price of gas these days it is beginning to happen a lot all over the place.

I am talking about gas thieves, not from the pumps but from YOUR car/truck’s gas tank! Now for those saying but don’t most if not all vehicles have a locking gas cap or lock to even get to the cap? The answer is yes your car/truck probably does have some type of locking mechanism preventing your gas from being siphoned.

But you see that doesn’t help here. What they do now to get to that high dollar gas you have just waiting for them to steal is drill a hole in your tank and drain it that way. No more mouthfuls of gas trying to siphon. Nope, now they just drill a hole and empty your tank.

The loss of gas here is only a small part of this problem. As you probably already thought to yourself, the tank now needs to be fixed. This requires for the tank to be dropped and either replaced or fixed if it is even possible (I am no mechanic). This can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on what type of vehicle you drive.

They are mostly targeting bigger cars/trucks. They want the bigger gas tanks because this isn’t even a little bit efficient way to steal gas and a lot gets dumped out on your driveway. Bad for your pocket and for the environment.

So what can you do? There are some things you can do to try and prevent this.

1. Light is a crooks enemy. Get a motion activated light and put it right over the driveway. This serves 2 purposes. It helps scare off people who may want to do something to your vehicle. The 2nd thing this does is help protect you and everyone else that comes over to your house during nighttime hours. A dark driveway is not a good thing to come home to.

2. Another thing you can do is get a motion activated camera. You can go with something like either a Domed Security Camera or dummy outdoor camera right in plain sight so everyone can see it and hopefully it will deter most criminals.

3. You can also try an inexpensive alarm that alerts you when someone is in a area you are monitoring. We have the Voice Alert which works as a wireless driveway alarm system. You could place a sensor in your driveway and set it up to say (yes say) “someone in the driveway” or whatever you want it to say. This way you know when it happens and can do something about it.

4. If your neighborhood has a watch group, join it. If it doesn’t then now might be a good time to form one. The police can only do so much and be in so many places at once, it is up to us to help out. Be smart and careful though.

Until our Government gets off its arse and forces a change from fossil fuel burning engines we will be at the mercy of a part of the world that hates us and is enjoying watching us squirm as they reap record breaking profits at our expense. Crimes like this shouldn’t even exist but unless we force a change things will only get worse! Write those politicians and tell em to get to work!

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High gas prices are killing our economy

Today our moronic president had his little speech where he calls for Congress to pass bills to allow drilling in Anwar to help the rising fuel prices. I hope no American was stupid enough to believe this crap.

It takes years to explore, find, plan, build the refinery, drill and then process the oil so this “it can help us with fuel prices” is total B.S. It is yet another way that scumbag Bush and Cheney (oil mongerer and haliburton crony) can yet make even more money down the line. They are gone this year how else will they make millions when they are out of office?

Look we need to stand together and say enough is enough. The only reason our government doesn’t actively pursue technologies like water cars or even air cars (more on these to come) is that they haven’t figured out how to tax it. There can be no other reason.

In France and Australia they developed engines that run on compressed air. The only exhaust being clean air. This is all a reality now so why don’t we pursue this? Check out the videos of the engines here: France Air Car and the Australia Air Car.

Now if you aren’t drooling at the thought of being able to fuel your car with air you can generate from any tiny compressor including those we use to fill our tires now (you know the ones that plug into the cigarette lighter) then you soon will be.

How about a car that runs on water. It is true. A man developed a way to use electricity and water to create a gas that burns clean and can run any vehicle. You can see the news report here for the Water Car.

We should not be held hostage to a pump. Whether it be gas, ethanol, hydrogen or whatever. There is no reason for it. The water car technology broke 2 years ago and supposedly our government was interested in it but do we hear about it? No. They can figure out how to tax it. How do you tax rain water?

We need to contact our legislators and ask why they aren’t pursuing this instead of sending out a measly $600 while we spend $150 to fill our gas tanks. If we let the rest of the world become the leaders in the wave of combustion less engines than we will find even more US companies closing up with more jobs lost overseas.

We need to take the helm and be the country to change the world. Contact your local legislator and tell them to get to work on this right now not later!

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Sexually assaulted in front of a crowd

There are some crimes that leave you saying “are you kidding me?” and this is just one of those crimes.

Early in the morning hours last Friday a woman was sexually assaulted in an alley off of 6th street in Austin. For those who don’t know the place it is a couple block strip of bars and nightclubs so it gets crazy with all the college kids from UT come the weekend.

Not being a drinker I have no reason to head down that part of town but this time I wish I had been there. You see a young woman out for a night on the town and either she didn’t follow the buddy system or it flat out failed.

Alone and stinking drunk (.32 B.A.C. yup 4 times the legal limit for driving for most states), she passed out in an alleyway behind a strip of bars. Now if all of this isn’t bad enough, 27-year-old Matthew Skontnicki comes along seeing her passed out he decides to sexually assault her.

You haven’t heard the worst yet. A crowd of on-lookers were said to have been cheering him on as he raped her. Thankfully 2 bouncers from one of the bars were taking out the trash and saw the assault. They stopped it and held the guy until the cops could come and arrest the lowlife.

I can’t even begin to imagine standing there in a crowd watching some lowlife assault some unconscious girl and doing nothing but cheering him on. I truly wish I had wandered by when this was taking place. The headline would have read “sexual attacker sent to hospital after meeting the business end of a steel baton!”.

What this young lady did, going out and getting so drunk was a huge mistake. But no one deserves to learn a lesson like this one. I hope they throw the book at this guy and that this young lady knows someone in prison who can say hi for her! /wink

The police are trying to find the people in the crowd and there may be more possible arrests. I agree 100% anyone who stands and does nothing but watches as a woman is attacked should also be charged. If more people starting watching the backs of other people we could put a stop to most of the garbage.

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Stopping Home Invasions

There is a disturbing increase in the amount of home invasions reported in recent years. Home invasion takes on a few forms but in this case I am referring to daylight home invasion robberies and burglaries.

What’s the difference between robbery and burglary?
Easy robbery is when they take something from your person, burglary they take it from your home.

In reality either way they are taking your stuff but robbery is much more risky since it is you and the crook face to face. Anyway, as I was saying.

Looking at the crime statistics across the country you will find many of these home invasions are happening during the day when people go to work. They basically wait until you are gone then walk up and kick your front door in. Within less than 10 minutes (on average) they have what they want and are gone.

Unfortunately not all of the crooks do their homework and what they think is a home with the homeowner gone, isn’t. Imagine your a young mother home with the new baby and some lowlife kicks your door in. Scary thought. But it happens.

There are some things you can do to help try and prevent this type of crime on your home. When home it is much easier to stop this crime, besides a good reinforced front and back doors you can use a few inexpensive security products. A door brace is simply a bar that props against the door. With a door brace your front door would be more likely to break then a door brace would be to give. They are very inexpensive, around ($15.95), yet are a very effective way to make your door extremely hard to kick in.

There is also safety bars that you can get installed but they are a permanent thing so be sure it is what you want. They get bolted to the doors and the frame and then you slide a metal bar across to help secure the door. Prices on these vary due to installation and different manufacturers. You can find them at local security stores and/or at various front door retailers.

Another option which may help to make your house undesirable to the crooks are dummy cameras. No need for an expensive surveillance system just setup the dummy cameras in plain sight as if they were real and the crooks without close examination will never know.

Now installing a monitored or non monitored surveillance system is also another option. The difference being price and choice of equipment and of course that monthly monitoring fee. But a surveillance system can help to lower insurance costs and deter criminals so if you have the funds it might be the way to go for you.

Most of these things don’t matter here due to the fact that these scumbags just walk up and kick in the front door in broad daylight. No finesse, no skills, any lowlife can do this which is bad. Here only reinforcing the door with either a safety bar or door brace can you stop these type of home invasions.

Keep your eyes open!

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Protect yourself from Identity Thieves

Many newbies to the internet fear using their cards afraid of crooks getting the card but most credit cards have built in fraud protection so that is the least of your worries, the poor merchants eat it on credit card fraud. Where the real trouble comes into play is when people get a hold of your social security number. It has happened often where institutions like colleges use your social as a username or some part of your ID and they get hacked all the time. Every company that has ever been given your social security number holds a risk for you!

It is a real nightmare when a crook gets your social security number and uses it to establish loans and credit cards in your name. It can end up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars and take years to clear up. I have a friend this happened to and even something like getting insurance costs him a fortune because after 3 years he still hasn’t completely ended his identity theft nightmare.

Thankfully legislators are finally starting to back us up by requiring ways to protect your identity. There are companies out there that guarantee to protect your identity by basically managing access to your credit but you can do this on your own.

38 states passed laws requiring the 3 major credit companies (equifax, experian and transunion) to create a way for you to lockdown your credit and they listened and made it available to all states law or not. I’ll explain a bit.

You can now “Lock” your credit line. You have to do it at all 3 companies listed above and what it does is stop new lines of credit being opened in your name unless you unlock or unfreeze it temporarily or permanently. After going to all three companies and setting this up you get a PIN that is the only way to open new credit is to have that PIN.

With a freeze on, even if a crook gets your soc he won’t be able to do squat because a flag is set stopping any new companies from accessing your credit report. He won’t be able to get a credit card, loan or anything that requires a credit check because of that freeze flag on your credit. Now there is a small con to this.

With the freeze on to get it off temp or permanently will require a little planning on your part. Example, you want a new car. You start the process at all 3 carriers to put a temporary “thaw” on it (not my term I swear :)) then you go and get your car. It really isn’t that much trouble to protect yourself from identity theft.

As for costs it varies by state. Check out the 3 links below it will take you right to the spot on the experian, equifax and transunion sites to get more info on getting this set up for you. For the $10 or so (you have to each) to freeze the credit to start and then down the line it costs another $10 per carrier (so 3 total) to put a thaw on.

This is worth every dime I swear it. Think about it, how often do you need to get a loan, credit card, vehicle, insurance? Usually it is once and then not again for years so this will cost you next to nothing to protect yourself and is HIGHLY worth at least considering. Check out all three links below and read more about this service and consider whether the risk of not doing it is worth it to you.


I would love to get 10 minutes alone with nothing but a Telescopic steel baton and one of these identity thieves and show em how much I appreciate all the hassle we have to go through to protect our identities. Scumbags!

Keep your eyes open!

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S.C Boy bomber – this was a close call

Not being a parent myself, I can’t imagine how hard it was for the parent’s of Ryan Schallenberger to decide to do the right thing and turn him in to police. But I for one am glad they did.

Not only had he planned out his school attack complete with schematic of the school he had ordered the components needed to make the bombs. Had the parents not been paying attention things could have been bad.

They saw the warning signs before this but I was unable to find out what these “obstacles” were that they spoke of that stopped them from getting this kid help long ago. But they did something and I applaud them for that!

Considering he went as far as to order supplies and create a tape to be played after his death. This kid was not just crying out for help but was ready to make many others cry as well.

Sad state of affairs.

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How to deal with possible fake cops

I have noticed recently in my area and many others across the US the incidents of fake police officers victimizing people has increased and sadly most of the advice about what to do when you aren’t sure could work against you if they are real.

In a seminar a few months ago an officer mentioned what I thought sounded like the absolute best way to handle an encounter with an unmarked police vehicle or plain clothed police officer.

Here in Texas we had 2 (that they know of) incidents recently where a fake police officer approached people who appeared drunk and threatened to arrest them if they didn’t pay him cash.

I have only a little sympathy for someone who gets robbed cause they are too drunk to realize no real cop would ever do what he was trying to do and if they did you still shouldn’t go along with it.

But this could also be used to sexually assault or murder someone so lets discuss this a bit. If you are in your car the best thing to do when being pulled over by an unmarked car and you aren’t sure they are real you can:

1. Put on your 4 way emergency flashers to show the officer if he really is one that you aren’t failing to comply.
2. Use your cellphone to call police and tell them where you are at and that someone in an unmarked car is trying to pull you over. They can and will tell you if he is real and contact the officer so her doesn’t come up to the car mad cause you weren’t complying fast enough. Once they realize it is just fear for your safety things should be good.
3. Still always try and stop in a well lit public place if at all possible but number 2 is most important of them all…call the police!

Now when approached by someone claiming to be an officer and hassling you simply request to call 911 and talk to police to verify him. Also ask him to show you his official ID. Any legitimate officer should have no issue with this.

Had the people here that got robbed simply said let me call the police they would not have even been robbed from what it seems since no threat of physical harm was used. He would have just ran and picked someone else.

Things like this make an already nightmare job of being a cop even worse. Don’t just drop your guard cause someone walks up and says they are a cop, check em out it is your right and duty.

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High Frucose Corn Syrup- the new plague

Last night I saw a documentary that got me thinking and I did some research on my own.

I don’t know if you know this, I didn’t, but about 30 years ago they made some serious changes to our food supply. Some of these things you may have heard about before but taken as a whole it explains why we are the fattest, most unhealthy country in the world when we shouldn’t be.

You see what they found was that high fructose corn syrup was a cheap easy way to make a sweetener. In fact a woman from the biggest company (I forget the name) producing this high fructose corn syrup garbage bragged that they “own” over 60% of the sweetener market.

Now for those saying “so what” here’s so what. Grab a soda or as I like to call it liquid candy and read the ingredients and you see high fructose corn syrup listed there. Now that tells you a bit about this stuff.

Studies done by some researchers at both UC Davis and Michigan University have shown that consuming fructose that is more readily converted to fat by the liver increases the levels of fats in your bloodstream. In English, this garbage causes body to NOT produce insulin which helps control your appetite and metabolism and even worse causes MORE fats to be in your blood to help clog up the ol’arteries!

Researchers have also noticed an odd “COINCIDENCE”, about the time they made these changes and starting putting this trash in our food and drinks there was a notable increase in obesity and diabetes. hmmm go figure????

Now if this wasn’t bad enough, our meats and this one really peeved me cause I am a carnivore, they starting changing they ways they produce meat. They found that instead of letting cows and other animals walk around and eat grass and other naturals stuff they could pen them up tight so they can’t hardly move more than a foot or two and then feed them this corn mush they could fatten them up enough to go to market in 6 mos versus 2-3 years!!

Does that sound bad to anyone else? If you said yes you were right cause check this out. This corn mush they are feeding to fatten cows and such up has no beneficial properties like proteins etc.. and these animals weren’t made to eat like this so they start dieing during this fattening process. In fact one rancher said in most cases these animals have no more than 1-3 mos of life left in them before they head to the slaughterhouse.

Not only that! They have to keep pumping full of antibiotics to keep them alive and keep the PUSS FILLED ULCERS under control!!!! Now Micheal Moore talked about some of this in one of his movies and how this puss was winding up in our milk. Which I also used to love. Now we wonder why we are getting anti biotic resistant germs out there these days, another go figure moment.

All of this fattening process and they way they never get to move like they should around a field, these animals are winding up with little to no proteins which used to come naturally until they started this unnatural process. Ok so you’re probably grossed out but wait there is more!

The real start to whole process goes back to corn which they have altered. You see when farmers used to grow corn you could go and grab it off the stock, steam or boil it up and have a good vegetable to add to your meal. But you see the natural or like I call it now “old corn” was not as filled with the starches they transform (through this crazy scary chemical added process) into this high fructose corn syrup so they decided to change it.

In old corn there used to be a healthy split of proteins and starches but now it is almost ALL starches. So they have basically trashed corn. To realize how bad this is and see I am not just some nut (I am nuts I won’t deny that but in this case I am correct ;p ) go to your kitchen and start grabbing things you believe are healthy.

Now check the small print ingredients in most if not all you’ll find this trash the same stuff in soda in so called healthy stuff. Take SunnyD for example. It SUPPOSEDLY is orange juice and their slogan is something like “experience the power of the sun” ROFL what a joke! Read the ingredients on that trash it reads:

Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup and 2% OR LESS of each of the following:concentrated juices, canola oil (WTF) and then a bunch of other trash with scary chemical names like sodium benzoate and hydrochloride and other trash. So basically as it reads to me know this stuff is orange flavored non carbonated soda. Not OJ at all!

Disappointed I went to what I thought had to be safe. Nature’s own honey wheat bread. 0 trans fat, high in dietary fiber all kins of goodies right? Yes but what else is slipped in there, yup high fructose corn syrup cause they use it to get the crust to be crusty and for whatever unholy reasons they may have :) Now there is one less bread I can eat and in fact had to buy a bread listed as glycemic health. It was the only one I could find that looked appetizing that didn’t have that garbage listed as ingredients.

Are you or someone you care about having weight or blood sugar issues? Check to see just how much of your foods have this insulin blocking high fructose corn syrup trash in it and get rid of them. The sad part is thanks to the way they feed the animals it gets into our milks and meats as well. Very disconcerting.

I intend to adjust my diet to cut this trash out the best I can and plan to complain to the FDA that they allow this trash into our food supply. I encourage you to do the same if you care about your health at all.

Wow I feel better! hahah Learning this stuff isn’t easy but I think it is a good thing to be forewarned rather than just sorry when it’s too late. Take care!

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