The EMU nightmare

I caught the morning news and they were talking about the 3 fired administrators at EMU who were fired over the coverup of a young girls rape and murder. Im not gonna lie these people really chap my cheetah!

Before I go off let me refresh your memory about this. Laura Dickinson was raped and murdered in her dorm room at Eastern Michigan University Dec 2006. They found this poor girl after someone complained of the smell!

If that all isn’t bad enough EMU after being told by the coroner that foul play WAS suspected these scumbags post on their website for the students and tell her parents that NO FOUL PLAY WAS SUSPECTED!!!

Now for those of you wondering if this was just a mistake the answer is hell NO! They were more worried about losing money and didnt give a thought to the students’ safety.

To show just how blatant all of this was there were reports about this incident that were supposedly shredded by the student affairs VP Jim Vick, these guys think they are part of the Bush Administration of something.

Now the poor parents of this 22 yr old girl didn’t find out until February of this year that she had been raped and murdered and that the po po had arrested fellow EMU student Orange Taylor for the crime.

Imagine paying big money to send your child to college to have them killed and if that wasn’t bad enough to then be LIED to by that same college! I can’t even imagine the pain and anger they must feel.

The shame of it all is that colleges are straying from being a place of higher education above all and are turning into to nothing but a big business that is concerned more with making money than any thing else!

To prove my point it has even been reported that the EMU Alumni Foundation actually had the huevos to send out a letter pleading with the alumni not to look at the negatives of this situation and continue to donate money! Now how scummy is that!

Thankfully, the Clery Act requires all schools participating in federal student aid programs to report all crime in a “timely manner” or be subject to fines up to 27 grand, which is a start.

But personally, I would like to see the fine be set sooooo high that no college would ever consider covering up any crime…Period!

I also think they should give Mr. Dickinson a steel baton and put him in a room alone with Jim Vick and let him show how much he appreciates the lies told to him about his daughter’s death! Thwap!!!

Until next time stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

Back to school time again

With the start of the new college semester comes a return to crime against college students. Here are some things you want to keep in mind when sending your child to or back to college.

Crime can happen at any time, this includes daylight hours. A false sense of security can lead to heart break fast.

Last week at around dinner time (daylight), an Elgin community college student was attacked in the school parking lot while walking to her car.

The scumbag walked up and never said a word. He just started punching her in the face and then he tried to drag her off by her hair to his car.

At this point she is in big trouble because if he gets her to his car, odds are good she will never be found alive again. This animal was obviously very violent and I can only imagine what he had in mind for her.

Before he can get her all the way to his car someone saw what was going on and started yelling so he let her go and took off.

Im glad to say this scumbag didn’t get to finish playing out his sick little plan on this young girl but he did get away.

This happens far too often, women need to take a different stance with strange guys. They need to view them as potential attackers first, especially when alone.

But if you just travel using the buddy system even during the day you can lower your chances of attack.

Also this girl saw the scumbag BEFORE he approached her. Being alone in a parking lot she should have turned around immediately when she saw this lowlife lurking around.

After she turned around she should have picked up the pace and if he was following her she could then scream and run. Also ALWAYS have your keys in your hand when in a parking lot alone if you choose not to use the buddy system!

The key to avoiding an attack is to never let them get close enough to put their hands on you. Trust your gut feelings, if something feels wrong, like a guy hanging out in a parking lot, then it probably is wrong.

This goes for during daylight hours!

You can’t always see trouble coming but when approached alone in a parking lot go into defensive mode. Keep him at least 6-8 feet away from you. Tell him to stay back.

He has no reason to come right up in your face unless he is up to something but don’t wait until he attacks to react. If he continues to come at you after you said to stay back then…strike!

Start screaming,you should have your keys in your hand so put them between your fingers and make a fist with the keys sticking out and go for the eyes!

If you were smart enough to get a pepper spray and/or stun gun ..USE THEM! As far as I am concerned you should empty the whole can of pepper spray in his face or run the battery out on your stun gun nailing this scumbag so he never forgets the mistake he made in attacking you!

Let him know you aren’t going down without a fight! Sexual predators look for weak, easy targets.They don’t want a fight, they want to dominate and hurt not be hurt. They are the purest form of coward out there like all men who hit women.

It is a shame that women have to worry about even the simple act of walking to their car in a parking lot but you do. Stay aware of your surroundings! The more aware and prepared you are the less appealing a target you will become.

Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

The Judge

Child obesity – what is really the problem?

I was watching a show on TV that was discussing a 12 year old girl who went in for liposuction at the weight of 219! They gave her the lipo and got her down to 155 and within a few months she was back up to where she was before.

What do the parents do? Send her to Mexico to get the LAP-BAND surgery which is illegal for children that young in this country. This is becoming an all too familiar story these days since the number of children considered obese in our country has increased dramatically over the last 5 years.

But the problem is this. Using plastic surgery as a crutch is a bad mindset to give our children in this country. Saying gain as much as you want and then just get it lipo’d off is insane. There are far greater problems with being obese than just the weight gain (diabetes, heart disease and more).

This 12 year old is a perfect example of why this is a bad thing. Even after getting the lipo and removing over 45lbs of fat she goes right back to her old eating habits and gains all of the weight back. One of the doctor’s said “the lap band is a good alternative because it teaches the kids how much to eat”. I almost fell out of my chair with that statement.

Here is a novel idea, maybe the parents should teach the kids how to eat properly instead of getting surgery to do the work for them. I could not believe that doctor said that but he isn’t the only one that believes this B.S. It is your job as a parent to properly prepare your children for adulthood and if you also have a weight problem than you should consider a nutritionist to teach you so you can teach your kids.

All of my family has struggled with their weight and EVERY ONE of them can tell you why they can’t lose the weight. There is something they are doing that they aren’t willing to stop and that is why they can’t keep the weight off. Having all of the same genes and upbringing I weigh exactly what I did at the age of 18. I have a 30 waist and 32 length on my pants and I weigh between 150-165 (it varies) which is the perfect weight for my height of 5’10″.

Now why can I control my weight when the rest of my family struggles? I decided long ago that I would not follow in the footsteps of my father. He was the same height that I am but he weighed 225lbs, which was about 60lbs overweight. At the age of 42 he had is first few rounds of heart attacks and by the age of 52 he was dead from heart failure. Coincidence?..No.

At the age of 14, I started body building and playing sports. I was so active I had more trouble keeping weight on than keeping it off. This is exactly the same problem all of our kids should be having.

With this 12 year old her doctor said she tried to do sports (run track) in school but the school was afraid she would have a heart attack because she would be drenched in sweat and beat red in the face after just a few minutes.

So that was the reason why she couldn’t use physical activity to help keep weight off. Bad excuse. When you are 219lbs at 12 years old you need to start slow. Walking would be the place to start in this instance BUT the real problem was that they waited until she got too heavy.

If you have a young child that is overweight and your pediatrician tells you that you need to do something with the child’s weight, later is not the time to start! It is our duty as parents to teach our children how to be healthy, happy adults.

Our children learn their eating habits from their parents and if you are obese than the odds are your kids will also be obese. If you are obese than you owe it to your children to improve your eating habits which will improve theirs as well.

Now we have some issues in this country in regards to weight loss. Many women take it too far and wind up with an eating disorder and then you have the opposite end of the spectrum where men and women will say “I am comfortable with myself and don’t care what I look like”.

Now, not caring what other people think about your appearance as long as you are happy, is exactly the mindset you want to achieve. Sounds like I contradicted myself right? Wrong.

Wanting to lose weight should not be for superficial reasons but for the best reasons of all, to live a healthy and happy life. When you become obese a whole myriad of issues arise such as diabetes, heart disease, fat build up around the heart and much more. Most obese people have trouble getting up out of a chair or walking stairs or many other normal activities.

Your goals should be simple; get healthy and teach your kids how to be healthy. I promise you if you change your eating and activity habits, barring a thyroid issue, you can lose weight. Just don’t do it for appearances, that is too easy to dismiss. Instead look up all of the diseases and other issues that come from obesity and if that isn’t enough to kick you in the arse than I am not sure of what would.

I don’t care about my weight, that is/has not ever been a concern for me but the issues that befell my father due to his weight problems was an extreme concern. I intend to live for many years past the age my father lasted.

Here are some tips:

  • Soda, diet or not……gone!!
  • Eat small meals 4-5 times a day and drink water before and during your meals (my goal at a restaurant is to eat until I am no longer hungry and to leave with a doggie bag of food which becomes another small meal or two)
  • Eat LOTS of dietary fiber foods (beans, oatmeal etc..)
  • You must eat breakfast! I recommend oatmeal topped with a grape nuts type cereal for the grains and then topped with blueberries and honey.
  • Eat slower! Your brain needs time to register that you are no longer hungry and if you woof your food down it doesn’t get that time (you’ll be surprised how much less you will need to eat to no longer be hungry)
  • To reiterate – do NOT eat until you are stuffed! Eat slow and stop when you are no longer hungry. Glasses of water really help you get to this point quickly.
  • Women STOP USING FOOD FOR COMFORT!!!!!!! Food is not your friend!
  • Instead of using food for comfort use exercise. When you feel sad or upset and get the urge to shovel junk food down your throat, throw on your workouts clothes and walk, run, jog or whatever exercise you enjoy. Get that “high” from the endorphins released during a workout instead of food.
  • Do NOT diet. Instead decide to improve your health and the weight will fall off on its own as a result. Our bodies are supposed to be fat burning machines not just fat storage.
  • If you can’t do this for yourself then do it for your family!
  • You don’t have to cut out all bad foods! You just need to make them occasional TREATS that you use reward yourself for something (not for comfort). I love pizza and when I treat myself to pizza I allow myself a small portion. Remember the key word here is occasional treats not daily
  • I really hope that someone reads this and takes it to heart and improves the lives of themselves and their children. This is a serious problem and has NOTHING to do with appearance, this is a huge heath and quality of life issue; forget appearances completely.

    90% of the people I know that have dieted for appearances sake have failed. All of those that have done it for their quality of life and health or even better their family, has succeeded! You do the math.

    Parents take control of your lives and then help your children do the same but you have to start right away! Don’t wait until your child is in the same situation as this young 12yr old girl to act, the younger you start the easier the changes will be.

    Good luck to you and stay safe out there!

    UofA Student attacked in broad daylight

    A University of Arizona student was attacked while moving into her new apartment just off the UA campus. The attacked happened in broad daylight like the title says and this was not a secluded place.

    The young lady told police she was moving into her apartment when a man approached and barged his way in.

    The young woman kept her head thankfully and she began to scream and fight him off. He got scared and ran away from the scene; the young lady was thankfully unharmed in the attack.

    I wanted to bring this story to you just in case you or someone you know and love is getting ready to go to college.

    Many women get a false sense of security during the daylight hours which is only natural but sadly the freaks don’t only come out at night.

    Anyone going back to or starting at college needs to keep these kinds of attacks in mind. This happened in broad daylight in Tucson, Arizona; campus dorms and even off campus housing can be a hunting ground for sexual predators.

    Yes, most women who become the victim of sexual assault at college get attacked by someone they know or by a date but there are also the random psychos you need to worry about as well.

    It is a sad state of affairs but sadly it is something of which you need to be aware. The moral here is simple as this brave young lady did, keep your head and fight back.

    Scream, look him in the face and start swinging and kicking. The crazier you seem the more likely he is to run off with his tail between his leg like this scumbag did.

    Don’t let him grab you, slide to the side, smack at his hands and forearms. Kick at his groin or stomach. Anything to keep him away from you, if he does get to grab you go for the groin, the nose, the throat, the eyes and the ears.

    If you can’t punch use the palm of your fist and smash him in the nose and then jab him in the throat. Once he is gasping…run away screaming loudly (you should be screaming the whole time to help get attention, scare him off and/or disorient him).

    If he grabs you from behind go for the groin, smash his foot with your heels, scratch at the face (eyes especially). Once you break free turn and kick him to the groin or jab him in the throat and then run screaming once again.

    Most of all is your brain, use it! Just pay attention to your surroundings and put the cell phone down! No iPods or mp3 players keeping you from hearing an attacker coming.

    Carry some type of self defense weapon. At the very least carry a Kubaton but I also recommend a pepper spray for your purse and a mini stun gun as well. You see during an attack, one or more might not be “handy” so having 3 increases your odds of having something at hand to help save you from attack.

    Use common sense and please stay safe out there!

    A call to censure the President – It’s not enough!

    I’ll admit I was pleased to see that someone in our government was finally standing up to the Bush administration. But in my opinion it isn’t enough.

    Yesterday, Senator Russ Feingold and US Representative Maurice Hinchey introduced 2 censure resolutions into the House and the Senate.

    The following comes straight from the US Senate website, see it here

    “The censure resolutions regarding Iraq, S.Res.302 and H.Res.625, condemn the president and vice president for:

    · Misleading the nation about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s regime and about Saddam’s links to al Qaeda and 9/11

    · Inadequate planning for military action in Iraq

    · Overstraining the military and undermining homeland security

    · Misleading the nation about the strength of the insurgency

    The censure resolutions regarding the rule of law, S.Res.303 and H.Res.626, condemn the president and attorney general for:

    · Authorizing the illegal NSA warrantless wiretapping program

    · Pursuing extreme policies concerning torture and the treatment of detainees

    · Detaining enemy combatants indefinitely without charges, access to a lawyer, or habeas rights

    · Unilaterally authorizing flawed military commissions that were subsequently struck down by the Supreme Court

    · Misleading Congress and the public about, and obstructing investigations into, the firings of U.S. Attorneys

    · Making misleading statements regarding civil liberties abuses under the Patriot Act

    · Undermining acts of Congress with signing statements based on extreme theories of executive power”

    I do applaud them for bringing all this into the forefront BUT we should do more. If a fortune 500 company hired a new CEO and within 6 mos to a year he starts to run the company into the toilet do you think they would say “we have to keep him for 4 years”?

    No way! They would fire him and replace him with someone who CAN do the job. Why shouldn’t our presidents have to live up to the same standards. Bush and Cheney have trampled the Bill of Rights and our Constitution, they have made us more hated throughout the world then ever before, they have lied to get us into a war so they can profit…they are criminals.

    As such, we should hold elections THIS NOVEMBER and remove both of these idiots from office ASAP not next year; furthermore, we should then arrest these men for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Let the courts deal with those two since they would be private citizens. The president cannot be above the law and needs to be held responsible for illegal actions.

    Maybe a little waterboarding will get Bush and Cheney to come clean ;)

    We need to stand up together and say enough! You can read more on this story at

    Stay safe out there!