Alberto Gonzales if that is your real name..

Has anyone else seen this man lie in hearings over these attorneys they fired and all of the covering up they have done?

I have never seen anyone lie so much or so bad before in my life. He says something that totally implicates him and the next minute he is trying, badly, to lie his way out of it. He loves the “I don’t recall” and “I am not sure” and “I wasn’t informed”, anything he can do to keep this mess from being brought to light.

The saddest thing of all is that this criminal (he has lied under oath repeatedly) is our countries’ Attorney General!!!!! I have to ask HUH?

Of course the Bush administration supports him because he was doing their bidding to begin with AND they are all liars as well so he is in good company.

This lowlife, along with the rest of the Bush administration, are some of the biggest scumbags to ever walk the face of this earth.

Stay safe out there!

Bush Administration plans to sell weapons to Arab Countries

Once again the Bush Administration is up to its’ old tricks. Now Bush and his slimy administration is trying to push through billions in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and 5 other Arab nations.

According to the Washington Post “The administration plans to sell advanced satellite-guided bombs, fighter aircraft upgrades and new naval vessels to six Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, U.S. officials say.”

None of these countries involved in this unbelievable transaction are friends of the US. They might want our money from oil sales but most have done nothing to assist us in stabilizing the region.

You would think after mistakes like, arming Saddam in his fight against Iran and Osama in Afghanistan plus the countless other things our government has done in the guise of “National Security”. Everyone of those actions has come back to bite us in the ass time and time again, yet here we go again.

According to the Washington Post “Members of Congress vowed yesterday to oppose any deal to Saudi Arabia on grounds that the kingdom has been unhelpful in Iraq and unreliable at fighting terrorism. King Abdullah has called the U.S. military presence in Iraq an “illegitimate occupation,” and the Saudis have been either unable or unwilling to stop suicide bombers who have ended up in Iraq, congressional sources say.”

Thankfully, Congress is not just rolling over for the President but don’t count ‘Lil Bush out. He has figured out ways to trample the Bill of Rights and the Constitution over and over again during his reign of terror and I wouldn’t put anything past that little scumbag.

The real question here is, which one of Bush or Cheney’s friends will benefit from these sales. Answer….Many of them including Bush and Cheney themselves. There is no other good reason for throwing fuel on a major fire.

Adding more volatility to an already volatile region is just plain asking for trouble. We are already hated in this region, why make it any worse? Do we WANT to get attacked?

Take the time to write your congressman and voice your disgust about this mess. We cannot let Bush arm more nations that hate us just so he and his cronies can make a buck or I should say billions of bucks.

Bush sold his soul long ago and now he is trying to sell ours as well.

To read the entire Washington Post article click here.
Stay safe out there!

Ways to avoid sexual attacks at college parties.

Many women who read these tips are going to not like what you need to do to stay safe but before you say it I will. It isn’t fair that women can’t go to a party and not have to worry about becoming a victim it also isn’t fair there are attacks at all. But there are attacks everyday and this for now at least, is the world we live in.

I’ll give you a perfect example without identifying where this attack took place or who exactly was involved. This attack took place on a college campus where to young women went to a party at a frat house together.

During the night both girls wound up in the bathroom doing beer bongs with a guy. When he started making out with the one girl the friend left the bathroom. He then took the girl into the stall and raped her.

I didn’t give names or info so I could pick this night apart.

First let’s discuss what she and her friend did correct:

  • They went to the party together.

Now let’s discuss what they did wrong and why it was wrong:

  • They went into the bathroom, out of public eye, with a strange guy and started doing beer bongs. This was wrong for many reasons other than just going out of public sight with some guy you just met even with a friend. The other bad thing here is the beer bongs. They were designed for one thing and one thing only…getting trashed. Bad idea for a woman at a party with drunken, horny guys.
  • The other real bad thing here was that her friend left her alone with this guy. What is the purpose of taking a friend with you if she just leaves you? You need to be sure you make a vow with a friend you can trust with your life. The vow should be that you two come together and leave together…..period!
  • If you meet a guy, get his digits and then see him later. A party is NOT a good place to be boyfriend for the night hunting in my opinion. Meet guys all you want, flirt, talk, have fun but stay together.

I’ll tell you a secret I don’t think women know or believe. Guys know you bring a friend to keep you from doing something stupid and any good date raper will have planned for this by having a friend to try and divide and conquer you two or at least one of you.
Sick right? Well it is also true. I believe it is the testosterone or maybe men are just pigs, who knows?

Ok let’s recap and expand a little on some safety tips:

  • Never drink from any cup handed to you, get your own drink and if there is some reason the guy doesn’t want you to get it yourself even after you insist then it might be time to go.
  • Remember this is important, don’t drink or taste anybody else’s drink.
  • Never set your drink down unattended or eat food at frat parties (too easy to slip something in it)
  • Dispose of your drink if you think it tastes odd (if you just leave it, someone else may drink
    it). Drugs used to spike drinks can be colorless and tasteless so you might not realize that anything has been added.
  • Always bring at least one friend with a consented vow that no matter what you two stay together at all times. Don’t let anyone separate you two for any reason.
  • Be aware of the behavior of your friends. Is their behavior out of character? Do they seem too “out of it” for what they’ve had?
  • Avoid excessive drinking, beer bongs are a total no no. It is much too much alcohol at one time and it is too risky.
  • Watch out for your friends. Are they binge drinking or taking drugs? Are they making safe decisions? Are they OK?
  • Avoid drugs of any kind at parties (you never what you are really taking).
  • If your friend needs to sober up or straighten out, check to see that they are OK. Are they alone? Who is with them? Are they safe?
  • Encourage people who are drunk to drink water or eat something. Keep an
    eye on them, if you can.

Look it is common sense, if you want to stay then do it! You have all heard
the horror stories and know what type of behavior has the highest odds of
getting you into trouble and if you avoid this behavior you can go to a party
and have fun without getting attacked.

I also highly recommend you take a self defense course that gives you a
lengthy hands on approach to self defense. Having these skills could truly make
the difference between being a victim or not.

Stay safe out there!

2 Oklahoma girls ages 10 & 12 accused of kidnapping

This is one of the craziest incidents I have ever heard of and leads me once again to ask what is wrong with our kids today?

These two girls lived a few blocks away from the house that they allegedly broke into in the early hours of the night on July 5th while Sheila Wells slept and her husband was at work.

They took her son and a stroller, clothes and diapers and disappeared. About 6 a.m. a knock on the door woke up Sheila Wells and she answered the door only to find the 12 year old girl there at the door.

She told her that they had her son at the house so they both left to go and get Brandon back. Upon returning home she called the police and found the note the girls had left on her couch when they took her son.

It said not to call the cops and to leave 200,000 on the couch and her son would be returned unharmed. It seems that after the girls took the boy, they returned to their home where their mother recognized the child and made the 12 year old go and get Brandon’s mother Sheila.

Which is why she came knocking at 6 a.m. Thankfully the girls mother had the sense to not cover for her kids and put an end to what would have been a real nightmare for Sheila Wells when she awoke to find her son kidnapped.

In the end the story has a semi happy ending, the child was unharmed and will be fine. The part that makes this less than a happy ending is the idea that children would perpetrate such a crime.

Stay safe a keep your doors locked!

Rape suspect arrested by police in Mexico

Back in March of 2006 Manuel de Jesus Noriega-Ruvalcaba was accused of luring a co-worker to his home and then violently raping her for hours.

Before he could be arrested he fled when he found out she had reported the crime. But thanks to the good work of the New Mexico police and the assistance of the Mexican government this man is being extradited back to the US to face charges.

He will be formally charged with five counts of criminal sexual penetration and one count each of kidnapping, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery.

Thanks to some good police work this lowlife won’t be roaming the streets anytime soon!

Stay safe out there!

Good Samaritan foils kidnapping

In Tampa Florida 35 year old Lisa Baker had been allegedly kidnapped at knife point by 54 year old Marcus A. Young. Baker told police that she knew Young and they had got into an altercation earlier that day.

He then used a knife to tie her up and duct tape her mouth shut before placing her in the back seat of his white Blazer SUV.

Another driver had pulled up next to the Blazer on the highway and he say Lisa Baker in the back seat tied up and her mouth taped. She had pressed her face against the window to be sure th driver saw her and he then called police.

They stopped the SUV moments later and arrested Mr. Young and rescued Ms. Baker who was later taken to a local hospital and released.

None of the reports I have found list the good Samaritans name, but whomever he is I have one thing to say to you. GOOD JOB BUD!

More people need to taken an active stance against crime and maybe we can finally live in a better world.

Stay safe out there!

5 Teenagers die in car crash in New York

This is a very sad sad story. Tonight in New York, 5 teenage girls died when their SUV veered into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer, killing all of them instantly.

It is believed that the driver may have been “texting” on her phone at the time of the accident. Police ruled out drugs and alcohol but say inexperience, speed and distraction may have caused this crash.

The girls were finishing a passing maneuver when for some unknown reason they veered into the path of the tractor trailer. Like I said at the start this is a sad story.

We all remember what we were like at 16-17 even 18. With a bunch of friends in the car common sense goes right ut the door along with attention to the road. Today it is ten times worse with all of the gizmos the kids have to draw their attention away.

It may be time to rethink things. Parents may need to become less flexible to their kids. Maybe even go as far as to invest in the monitoring systems they are coming out with that allow you to see your child as they drive, along with speed and other factors. This way you can see what kind of driver your child really is.

Listen this isn’t anything new, when I was young I had a bunch of friends die in a rollover accident back in my home state. They were speeding, drinking and screwing around when they wrecked. This story has played out all over America and to be honest I am lucky to not have been a story myself.

I am not sure of the answer to this problem but we all have seen how bad teens drive on the road, even when they aren’t getting into accidents. We need to come up with even more restrictions on the children and it will be tougher on parents but I guarantee it will be less rough than what the poor parents of those girls are going to have to go through.

Now before I go off on my tangent I want to state that by no means I am saying this tragedy was caused by cellphones since there is no way to tell WHO was texting on the drivers phone at the time of the accident, it may have been a p

Cell phone usage should be banned while driving for all people. Many may disagree but I can point out who is on the phone by how they drive. People on phones drift in their lanes, ride the brakes and can’t keep a constant speed, they make last minute turns with no turn signal because it would require them to put the phone down, they tailgate with open lanes, they rear end cars at red lights not paying attention it goes on and on.

Watch for these behaviors, not all will be on the phone some are just horrific, ignorant drivers but most of the time you can tell the gabbers. Do everyone a favor and make a choice: drive or use the flippin phone not both!

When I get a call I want to answer I pull over, if I can’t then it rolls to voice mail and I return it when I can. I haven’t had an accident or ticket in over 15 years…coincidence? I doubt it.

Stay safe out there!

Florida woman & son attacked in their home

This story is one that just makes me sick and really makes me ask what is wrong with our kids today? When I was young, which wasn’t THAT long ago. The worst things we did was smoke and drink and fight and do stupid things like that but never anything close to what kids are capable of today.

It is to the point that you can’t even trust strange teenagers anymore than you can some adult men. You see what I mean by the end of this story and this story is not intended for younger readers even though it is based off of news reports this story is horrific.

A 35 year old Haitian Immigrant and her 12 year old son live in Dunbar Village in West Palm Beach Florida. They have lived there since they immigrated to the US with no money as this is low income projects type housing.

On July 7th, a teenager lured the woman outside out her door and then all 10 teenagers pushed their way in. For 3 HOURS they terrorized this poor woman and her son at gunpoint. They all repeatedly gang raped and sodomized this woman while in the other room her son was beaten.

The woman told reporters some off the boys had raped her two and some three times each. As said earlier this went on for 3 hours. To end the woman told reporters they forced her to perform oral sex on her son.

Then they doused the two with household cleaners and left the premises. Not one of her neighbors came to their aid nor did anyone call the cops. This was a loud and extremely violent and lengthy attack so how her neighbors could ignore this is beyond me.

The poor woman had to stumble her way to a hospital a mile away because she had already had her car stolen in a previous incident. In this day and age how can this happen in any community at all?

How can people stay silent and allow thugs to terrorize them and their neighbors? The time is come for good people to say enough is enough and take back our streets. We out number them and if we band together we can win but I am a dreamer.

So far through DNA and fingerprints they have arrested 2 teenagers so far, one 14 and the other 16. The other 8 are being sought but are also young as well. Sick little world.

Some things you can do to protect yourself if you live in a bad area:

Never open your doors and be lured outside – if they say there is something you need to see just say thank you and will we have my husband/boyfriend take a look at it in a few minutes or something but never open the door or go outside, even if it is a kid (see above story).

Get yourself a security door brace, they are inexpensive and can really help you to be safer. They sell for 15 and 19 dollars and are worth the small investment. Some of the door braces also work on sliding glass doors and should be used to help secure these types of doors as well.

Getting some type of defensive weapon such as pepper sprays or stun guns. You should have something to help give you a fighting chance.

We have inexpensive alarm systems that are great for apartments, they are easy to use and portable so you don’t have to ask for permission to use them. It also allows you to easily take them with you if you move.

Stay safe out there!

16yr old dead by hit & run drunk driver

It is summertime and the July 4th holiday is over for the most part but many of us will be attending outdoor functions where alcohol is being served. The key here is designated drivers!

Look we all like to have fun but how much fun is it being on trial for vehicular manslaughter? On July 3rd this year 43 year old Ranulfo Torres-Padron of Lockhart Texas, allegedly was intoxicated and driving down a street when he hit 16 year old Christine Bell flinging her body into a ditch.

He then supposedly without stopping, went on his drunken way until he finally wrecked down the street. Christine was found dead in the ditch by her family after they became concerned about her whereabouts.

After finding debris at the site of the hit and run they were able to match it to his crashed vehicle. He said he remembered hitting “an animal or something” before crashing his car. The top of this sad of story is not only did he run over this poor girl and leave her there to die, he crashed his vehicle a second time and left the scene as well.

When the police found his wrecked car, which was tied to the debris at the scene of the hit and run, he was nowhere to be found. He had left the scene and walked to a gas station to call his girlfriend for a ride.

This man should have the book thrown at him, hell the whole library for what he did that night. Anyone who would get drunk enough to supposedly not know they ran over a human being has zero regard for anyone else. There should be no sympathy for this man nor should there be any mercy.

Keep this in mind when you head out to have fun this summer when alcohol is involved. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk! One night of drinking could ruin your life and the lives of many others and you have to ask “is it worth it”? The answer is no!

Be safe out there and call a cab or use a designated driver for all of our sakes.