She fought back

Earlier this week in Texas a young woman was attacked by a man who dragged her from a bus stop and sexually assaulted her. She was scratching the scumbag and screaming for help and thankfully some bystanders heard her cries and came to her aid.

This lowlife was punching and kicking the woman he just assaulted when the bystanders heard her cries. Sadly, the attack had already taken place before aid came but at least she is alive.

Now I didn’t list too many details because I would like to use her unfortunate experience to help educate women on how to avoid the same type of situation.

First problem, she was standing out alone at a bus stop with no self defense weapon out ready to use and show to a would be attacker.

Most likely when this scumbag rolled up on her asking if she needed a ride, she got a weird feeling. Well as I have said before trust your gut; if someone makes you nervous get out of there or start screaming. It is better to look silly then suffer an attack.

Now back to the gut feeling, if you are out alone and someone approaches you trying to either get you to leave with them or asking for directions; stay on your guard and always trust your gut.

As I stated earlier she fought back by scratching the man’s face but sadly it was too late. After he has dragged you off out of the earshot of help your odds of escaping unharmed drop dramatically; you must decide to fight right away!

Don’t wait, if someone begins to enter your circle of safety (which should be an invisible line in your head at least 4 feet away from you) quickly warn them then strike if they continue.

I know this can lead to misunderstandings but as a man if I come too close to a woman and she said back off! I would back the hell off. If I didn’t and she nailed me then that is my own fault for being stupid so don’t hesitate!

Never let him drag you off anywhere and fight with everything you have. Your whole goal is escape and the odds of this increase the earlier you react.

I want to say that by NO means am I saying this was at all this poor woman’s fault. This scumbag is totally at fault and should be castrated since he was caught in the act so there is no question that it was him so as the old saying goes “off with his head!” so to speak :)

Say safe and kick him where it counts!

Immigration reform Woes

It seems that this very hot topic is going to stay hot for quite a while. No matter what legislation they come up with someone is going to be pissed BUT I say if there has to be someone who gets screwed it damn well should be the ILLEGAL immigrants.

Just as the name implies they are criminals who have lived here and not followed one rule to enter legally. They come to the US and work without paying one penny in taxes and if they have children they are automatically excluded from deportation.

Now we have our country with millions of criminals from another country, who pay no taxes, cannot properly follow laws and don’t even bother to learn English.

I asked an illegal immigrant working on a house near my area of Texas, about why so few Mexican illegals living in the US learn the language. He stated that they don’t want to adopt the American heritage they want to keep their own.

Now this pissed me off, no one said they have to give up their Mexican heritage but for pete’s sake out of sheer courtesy they should learn to speak our language. The other thing is the no taxes thing; there are millions of children of illegal aliens in our school systems whose parents never pay ONE DIME in school taxes. So who foots the bill? Mr. and Mrs. America!

No reform better come down from the Government that grants ANY type of amnesty. They are criminals and should be deported and penalized for their past transgressions against the US by entering and living in our country illegally.

Now as for those who have popped out children to stay here, should have to leave with their entire family. People say it isn’t fair because the children are Americans but I say any child born to an illegal alien should NOT be granted automatic citizenship so therefore is NOT an American but a child of criminals illegally in our country.

I know this will piss off some people but too bad, it needs to be said!

Father microwaves 2mo old daughter!

As hard to believe as the headline to this story is, sadly it is true. This evil, pathetic little 19 Arkansas boy, not a man, actually stuck his sweet little 2 month old daughter into a microwave for 10-20 seconds. She is burned very badly on her face and hands.

This idiot, Joshua Mauldin, said he was called by God to come to Galveston Texas and open a ministry. Now how his twisted little mind went from that to, placing a living person into a mircowave is beyond me.

Thankfully, CPS has taken the child and placed her into foster care to help keep her safe because in my eyes the child’s mother is just a guilty for leaving this maniac alone with the baby.

I have to admit that this guy really steams me and what he did was so disgusting, that he deserves a special punishment; something a little more fitting the crime.

This lowlife should be strapped down and then covered in acid and allowed to burn slowly to death. I know, two wrongs don’t make a right but he freaking microwaved a 2 month old baby for pete’s sake. He needs to pay and pay dearly!!

His punishment should be so bad, so unbelievable, that no one ever even considers doing anything like this ever again!

Philadelphia’s murder rate

So far this year, Philadelphia has averaged one murder every day! The last count I saw was something like 137 so far this year and the question is, what is going on in Philadelphia?

Is it something in their water? Too many power lines? Is it all the mayor’s fault?

The answer to this could be a combination of things; like bans on Tasers, stun guns and concealed weapons permits and the mayor :) .

D.C has some of the same restrictions and they have been consistently the murder capital of the US until Philadelphia came into contention.

Of all the places to emulate DC wouldn’t be the best choice when it comes to law enforcement. I don’t mean to down the officers themselves as I haven’t looked through to see if there were a lot of complaints against the police but something there is NOT working.

Now what scares me is some of the ideas they have to change this crazy murder rate around in Philadelphia like the stop and frisk policy. This can have some serious opportunities for misuse by the police and could lead to many civil liberty violations.

Maybe it would be better to allow law abiding citizens to carry pepper sprays, stun guns and Tasers openly to show they are prepared to defend themselves and since it is non lethal defense it shouldn’t even be at question.

What kills me is when states or cities like Illinois or Philadelphia decide to restrict non lethal self defense weapons under the guise of protecting us from the criminals. How exactly does you making it a nightmare or even completely impossible to protect ourselves help to keep us safe?

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. A criminal can use anything to commit a crime from a screwdriver to a baseball bat. If we don’t restrict EVERYTHING you can never stop them from getting something to use for their crimes. So the next best thing is to allow and teach the law abiding citizens to protect themselves using non lethal self defense.

MOST criminals are wusses and don’t want to get hurt so they look for “good victims”. The less people that fit this bill the less crime we would have. I say make it a very painful experience for anyone who commits a violent crime against you and I’ll bet the crime rate will go down fast.

If you live in a city or state that restricts, Tasers, stun guns or pepper sprays or any other non lethal self defense weapons, contact your local legislator and tell him/her you want the right to defend yourself back!