Three Cheers for Vermont!

Yesterday the Great State of Vermont passed resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq AND best of all the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney!!!

I am so very proud of the good people of Vermont for standing up for what is right and I applaud you! If your state wasn’t so damn cold I would move there tomorrow!

I truly believe they have done the right thing and now other states need to follow suit and pass similar resolutions. It is time for someone to put a leash on Bush and Cheney.

For god’s sake we impeached Clinton for having sex and as far as I am concerned Bush and Cheney both have screwed the American people amongst others!

Well done Vermont!!

Read the AP story here

Shooting at Virginia Tech – well over 20 dead so far

This is a sad story, how one man is able to perform two different shooting incidents and kill and injure so many people is beyond me.

Right now they are still gathering information about what exactly happened but they believe right now that 31 people are dead and at least 21 injured.

My heart and sympathies go out to all the families and survivors of the victims of this travesty.

It really makes you wonder what is going on in this world :(

Sexual Predators & their sentences

There is a man named Kenneth Glenn Hinson. He is the scumbag that raped a 12 year old girl back in 1991 and only served nine years to only then get out and kidnap and rape two more teenage women!

What really gets me steamed is Judge Edward Cottingham, this guy who is in a position that his decisions can injure others. What does this mental midget do? He let’s this lowlife out of prison in 2000 and didn’t send him to the mental institute for sexual predators even though experts told the judge this man would strike again.

This man is the perfect example of the need to either castrate or execute sexual predators. These men have no right to life, they forfeited it when they decided to act upon their dark impulses.

Right now they are getting the jury together for this idiots trial but since both of the teenage women were found in his “dungeon” behind his house and there is no question this man did what he did, the trial should be quick and the punishment even quicker.

Once he is found guilty (and he better be) he should get 2 choices, death or castration! No sitting on death row, no mental hospitals, no passing go to collect 200 dollars. Kill the bastard or snip him either one will work!

I know it has been shown here in Texas that even a rigid death penalty doesn’t deter murders, so I don’t expect it to deter rapists BUT that isn’t the point. The point is that people like Hinson don’t deserve to live or at least to keep their willies, since they have shown that no matter what, they will never be a valid part of our world.

If the bleeding hearts of the world won’t allow us to kill these men then we should be allowed to guarantee the safety of women by the castration of convicted sexual predators. If he has no sexual organs, he has no sex drive nor the ability to act upon any sexual impulses even if he gets some.

The time has come to take drastic measures since the numbers of sexual attacks aren’t going down but in fact, are raising quickly. The longer we wait the harder this problem will be to fix.

Home Safety Alert- Are you at risk?

I found out about this problem and thought since the Genie has been let out of the box all of the people who are at risk need to know. Ladies this is a must read for you especially if you live alone or just with other females.

I am talking about “lock bumping”; which is a way a crook can file just about any key down that fits into a lock and use it to open the lock in seconds. Making bump keys is an easy process that only the more elite crooks used to know about but now you can find how to videos all over

A news story in Memphis brought this to my attention and you can see it below- this is going to make you say yikes!

Now as they mentioned in the news story there are “bump proof” locks from Medeco and Schlage Primus; if you are a woman living alone or with other females these higher dollar locks are worth the investment to increase your safety.

Ok as you can see this is a problem. Now if this wasn’t bad enough you have to see just how easy it is to make and since these videos are literally all over I don’t feel remiss about showing it to you so you know how bad this really is.

Besides getting a bump proof lock from Medeco or Schlage Primus, you can also take measures such as using motion activated lights or get an alarm like our Voice Alert System-6. This system is only 149.00 which is peanuts compared to your life.

The whole point I wanted to get across to you is that now that this is all over every punk that couldn’t break into a house that wasn’t left open will be able to break into 90% of the homes out there.

The crooks have this info, you now have this info; the question is what will you do with it? I hope it isn’t nothing!

Stay safe!

Bear attack in a Cleveland Suburb

This story was relayed to me by a friend who saw it on TV, so I researched it. This story is so crazy it doesn’t seem possible that it could be true but it is and I will include links to the news stories about this if you didn’t hear about it when it happened.

Imagine this, you (a woman) and your 15 yr old daughter are in your quiet suburban home and opening the garage door to let the dog out.

Right then a 500 POUND BEAR busts through the inside garage door knocking your daughter down behind the door and then it pounces on you in your own living room!

I know this sounds crazy but it actually happened to a woman named Rachel Supplee and her daughter Daphne in May of 2006. See here for actual news story in a new window

The poor 15 yr old tried to fight the bear off her mom and she said something in an interview that she grabbed a stun gun but the batteries were dead which made me think that people treat their stun guns like their smoke detectors. :) The other first thing that popped into my mind was dang you were someplace you could get a stun gun but didn’t get a pepper spray; it would have helped if shot directly into the bear’s eye, it isn’t meant for a bear unless you get bear repellent but in a pinch it would be good enough.

The daughter then called 911, who at first had to have thought it was a joke, “my mom is being attacked in the living room by a bear”, IN CLEVELAND! I can only imagine, but thankfully the daughter kept her wits and went to the refrigerator and got some meat to lure the bear off the mom who ran outside.

The daughter kept the bear at bay with food (keeping the refrig door between her and the bear) until help eventually arrived and killed the bear.

Both Rachel the mom and Daphne the daughter, survived this attack thankfully but the mom had an ear ripped off, a chunk of the back of her head eaten off (bears seem to like to chomp down on the back of the head of their victims to kill them) , her lungs were punctured, ribs broken and had a hole in her back she said a fist or two could have fit into.

Now by now you have to be saying wow but we haven’t even got to that part yet. Now Ohio is not known for its’ bears and has less than 25 in the entire State by my research (check here for info

Some yahoo, a “business owner” had two of the bears, a male and female and the bears had “pushed past him” while he was fixing the cage. Now this guy doesn’t have a high electrical fence protecting his neighbors from his predatory wild animals, no that would make too much sense; instead he has some little fence.

Instead of going for the male which a year earlier he tried to get rid of for “being aggressive” he goes for the female when they get loose and the male goes down to Rachel’s house and attacks them in their home.

Now what really is the wow of this story is this that as of the latest info I could find, which was from 12/06, the owner has NOT BEEN CHARGED! See here for the story.

My god, I just talked about dog owners being responsible for dog attacks who the hell ever thinks about these morons around the country with Lions, tigers and bears oh my!

The question comes to this, when does your right to personal freedom begin to intrude upon my right to live? As soon as you friggin get a predatory animal on your property!

What is wrong with people today? I am all about freedoms BUT when your freedoms risk my life, your freedoms need to go bye bye. My right to live outweighs your right to own “personal property” like large cats, snakes, bears and reptiles.

When I see an owner get killed by one of these “pets” I say to myself, you got what you deserve and better the owner than some innocent victim! Buy a goldfish loser!

Say what you want but once again, I am right! :p

The hidden camera – good or bad?

I have said this before and will again, no matter what we do criminals will find ways to use good items for bad uses. The real question is do the pros outweigh the cons?

Yes sickos have hidden cameras in public bathrooms and changing rooms, but hidden cameras have also been used to catch abusive babysitters, thieving maintenance men and many criminals.

I would have to say as far as I am concerned the hidden camera is a good thing. I lived in apartments for years until I bought a home and this was before the advent of hidden cameras. I used to swear people were in my home when I wasn’t there but couldn’t prove it.

I remember taking toothpicks and other items and placing in a place that would be easily disturbed and then see if someone was there when I wasn’t. I would always forget when i came through the door so it was useless.

But one day I came home sick in the middle of the day and there he was, the most disgusting of all the maintenance guys was on my couch watching TV and eating my FOOD!!

I was livid and raised holy hell because now I was sure I was right all along which meant that this lowlife was enjoying my things when I wasn’t home for over a year!

If I ever had to live in an apartment today you can damn sure bet I would have a hidden camera setup to make sure I knew what was gong on when I was not home. This is just one of the MANY things that got me into the self defense and surveillance equipment business.

Another very necessary use is childcare; if you have someone, even someone you “trust”, watching you children in your own home and you don’t have a hidden camera setup you are tempting fate. The worst part is that the kids are the ones to suffer.

Don’t be fooled into to trusting anyone with your children, know exactly what goes on in you home when your not there. It is your duty as a parent to protect your kids and leaving them helpless at the mercy of someone else isn’t right.

Buy and use a hidden camera and review the footage to look for anything out of the ordinary. I would bet that any parent who has had the unbelievable misfortune of having their child injured or molested by a caretaker wouldn’t hesitate to put up a camera now.

It isn’t invasion of privacy; when someone is in your home, watching your kids, it is your right to know what is going on. The fact they don’t know doesn’t figure into the equation.

If they are in your home, other than the bathroom, there is no privacy for them.

If you are in the market for a hidden camera visit us at

Dog attacks – is the owner criminally responsible?

Here in the state of Texas we are in the middle of a legal debate about the question; is the dog owner responsible?

This all was prompted from the unreal attack by 5 (pit bull/Rottweiler mix) dogs on 76 year old Lillian Stiles. These dogs got loose from a tiny fence, go figure, and went down the street to where Lillian was working on her front lawn.

These 5 dogs attacked, killed and mutilated this poor old woman beyond recognition right there in her front yard. A sad thing.

This is starting to happen more and more and dog owners are pissed they want to start charging owners with felonies..well guess what, as a dog owner I agree with them totally and feel the owner SHOULD be responsible.

Owning a dog is a responsibility and if you know your dog is an aggressive breed you are accepting that responsibility. People want to own pit bulls and Rottweilers and other aggressive breeds so they can make them mean “to protect their homes”. Well guess what Einstein, those dogs have a whole different idea of where their protection limits end and if they get out they can and will kill as you have trained them.

The guy who owned the 5 dogs went through court but I think they found him not guilty but now they intend change the laws to make sure it is a felony.

Now even as a dog owner, think about this as a family person. Imagine your mom, sister, brother, child or anyone you truly love being tore to shreds by a pack of dogs. Imagine the pain and agony as they tear and rip and then ask yourself again if you would hold the owner responsible.

You can damn well bet I would and I hate to say it but would take matters into my own hands if the law didn’t handle it. I know vigilantism and revenge are bad but I would be beyond distraught and as far as I am concerned the owner is responsible.

Think about it and post a comment if ya want- bash me if you wish but I am right ;p

I forgot to add the link to read more on the story of the attack:

Should Tasers be illegal?

I could make this is a real short entry and answer straight out HELL NO!!! I am sick and tired of our rights to defend ourselves being removed while the criminals seem to be untethered.

Let me explain, first Tasers are basically a device that when you press the trigger it shoots out 2 electrodes with wires attached and you keep holding the trigger down to zap them with 50,000volts. A stun gun is different in that for it to work you must physically press it against the attacker. A Taser will shoot its “darts” up to 15 feet away from you by using compressed air.

Now many States are trying to basically treat a Taser like a real gun. The fact that a Taser won’t kill you and a gun will in a heartbeat doesn’t seem to matter. They want to legislate it to death until it is such a pain in the ass no one wants to bother.

They use the “Criminals can use these weapons on victims”, well I have seen many episodes of Amazing Police Videos and I hate to tell you but I have seen crooks use screwdrivers, box cutters, syringes, bats, kitchen knives like a giant butcher knife and other things I can’t think of right now.

No matter what big brother does psycho crooks are going to find a way to attack innocent victims. Why the hell shouldn’t we be able to use any Non Lethal protective devices we choose to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from attack.

When did it turn on us and get to where the criminals have more rights than upstanding taxpaying citizens do? What is wrong with this picture?

I could just scream sometimes at the crap politicians do for votes from idiots. If they restrict Tasers or hell any protective device be they pepper sprays or stun guns, write your legislator and tell them you want your right to defend yourself using non lethal methods back. It isn’t like your asking to kill without consequences we simply want the right to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from attacks and victimization.

Be safe and have a good day!

Spring is here!

It is springtime again and many of us will finally be able to get outside to play again. But with more outdoor activities comes security issues.

If you are a woman planning on running or jogging alone in parks, one thing that isn’t the best idea. But many of you may not be able to find a partner to jog/walk with that fits your schedule.

If that is the case then you need to be extra vigilant in your security precautions. For example, if you plan on walking/jogging as I have stated before do NOT wear headphones and jam.

Women that can’t hear their attackers coming because of music are perfect targets for attack. Another thing is where you run, if you must run alone, parks aren’t necessarily the best choice.

It would be worth the price just to join a fitness center with a run track so you can run/walk alone with music on and not fear attacks. But if you choose to stay outside and be alone then you need to stay away from areas someone can hide and jump out.

You should stay in very public areas where you are easily seen by others. There is some other things you can do. We have the Mace Hot Walkers which are real weights for walking or running but they have pepper spray built into one of the dumbbells.

No one will know you have your self protection with you until it is too late for them. You can see them here Mace Hot Walkers.

Good luck and stay safe out there!

What is the difference between mace and pepper spray?

This question has been asked a few times so I figured I would go ahead and answer it here. There is a bit of confusion on the part of consumers and that is obvious by this question.

Mace is a household brand name like Kleenex or Saran Wrap. That is where the confusion comes into play, when you buy another brand of tissue instead of buying Kleenex you still get tissues just different qualities and frills.

Mace is one of the most trusted names in the self defense spray industry and rightfully so as their products are top notch.

But to ram home the idea let me state clearly Mace makes pepper spray as well. BUT they also offer other types (original Mace CN,CS). So to say Mace is different than pepper spray is like saying Kleenex is different than tissues. So now we are clear Mace is a brand of defensive sprays not a specific type of defensive spray.

So you can buy pepper spray from Mace or PepperShot or one of the other major brands. But from Mace you can also get other CN or CS sprays as well as Michigan approved sprays. The also have combo sprays which have all 3 OC, CN and CS.

So what should the real question be? That’s easy!

Ok, what the hell is OC, CN and CS gas?

Just a super fast explanation because I already have 2 whole articles on this subject which you can find here, “which pepperspray is right for me?” and “Best Self defense spray – OC, CN or CS?”.

Ok, OC is what pepper spray contains. It is derived from various insanely hot peppers and is 100% natural and eco friendly; just to list a very few advantages of OC or as you know it pepper spray.

Now CN is a man made chemical as is CS, both are identified as possibly containing carcinogens which we all know can cause cancer. These were the original chemicals used to create the first tear gas, defensive sprays etc..

That is why people mistakenly think of Mace and pepper spray as being two different things. Mace has been permanently intertwined with CN and CS.

I hope all of this helps you to make a more informed decision as you investigate which defensive spray is best for you to use.

Be sure to check out the Mace brand pepper sprays, they are top quality and preferred by law enforcement and the security community due to the trust they have garnered over the years for these products.

Stay safe and be sure to aim for their face then run like hell!