Jogger Pepper Sprays aggressive dog & is attacked by owner

This story shows how an over reaction can cost you really big as Craig Jones of Salisbury Maryland just found out. According to the news story a jogger was jogging down the road when Jones’ dog apparently began to come after him.

Being smart enough to be prepared the jogger deployed his Jogger Pepper Spray on the dog. Enraged Jones jumped into his call and began yelling and chasing the jogger.

Apparently the jogger was hiding behind a tree for about 15 minutes and when he came out Jones is said to have yelled “you’re a dead man” and again circled around in what appeared to be an effort to hit him with his car.

Jones is said to have ran over some tomb stones in a cemetery in his effort to run over the jogger. Now if all this is true Jones isn’t very smart or very well wrapped tight and of course who marries someone like that? Another nut job.

It is said the wife of Jones was saying the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that the dog was like family and other stupid statements.

I say stupid for a few reasons. Going nutso and chasing someone who is defending themselves from what they perceive to be an aggressive dog is just stupid. Second if the dog was like family, how come it wasn’t fenced in or on a leash for its own protection. Any owner that cares for the dog does not just let it run free.

I applaud the jogger for being smart enough to carry and use a Pepper spray for Runners to protect himself from a perceived aggressive dog. Had the dog not been loose it would not have been sprayed; even if it really wasn’t trying to hurt the jogger the threat still existed as far as the jogger was concerned.

Once again this is all the fault of the dog’s owners and no one elses fault at all. Keep your dog under your control and do the same for your anger.

If convicted of attempted murder, disorderly conduct and malicious destruction it’ll be a long time before this guy will get the chance to be a lousy pet owner again. Lesson learned!

Stay safe out there!

Charles Dougherty

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